Department of Computer Science congratulates students on their scholarships

This year a total of 35 students from the Department of Computer Science applied for a „Deutschlandstipendium“ scholarship. Four further students who had been granted a scholarship before applied for an extension to their scholarships. After a preliminary selection by the dean, the president of the University of Kaiserslautern invited about 15 students to selection interviews at Villa Denis in Diemerstein. The interviews were conducted at the beginning of October by Prof. Madlener, Prof. Schneider and Dr. Gómez Tutor. The University leadership based their final decision about the scholarships to be awarded on these recommendations.

A positively large number of students from the department were granted a scholarship, with nine new scholarships and three extensions to scholarships. Scholarship holders receive 300 € per month for one year. Half of this is financed by state funding and the other half is funded by private sponsors, usually an industrial company.

The department congratulates all the scholarship winners.