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Course program during the summer semester 2020

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Important information about the teaching program of the Department of Computer Science during the summer semester 2020:

  • We have done it: All courses of this semester are offered in online formats!
  • According to the current status, the exams will take place this semester.
  • And last but not least many thanks to all teachers and students for their flexibility and help in these unusual times!

Please follow our information on teaching activities in the summer semester 2020..

We would also like make you aware of the TUK's continuously updated central information.

The Corona pandemic took us all by surprise. Nevertheless, the department was able to quickly adapt to the new challenges and has managed in a very short time to offer all courses planned for the summer semester 2020 online. This tour de force could only be achieved through an understanding cooperation between professors, staff and students, for which the department would like to thank all those involved. Even if not everything will be perfect, it seems that at the moment but to be almost such that many people can imagine this concept for a longer future, which seems to be a very good argument for it, that there is currently a good range of courses available. We are still looking forward to a productive summer semester 2020.

Status: 9 June 2020


The current corona crisis also affects TU Kaiserslautern. In particular, teaching cannot be carried out in the usual way. Nevertheless, we started with the courses of summer semester 2020 as planned after Easter - but in digital form.On this website you will find all the necessary information for the online lectures. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Bernd Schuermann and Christian Bogner directly:


Teaching activities of Department of CS

Most of the online courses offered by the TUK do not start before April 20, some courses may start even later. Therefore, please check the KIS regularly.


With very few exceptions, our department offers all courses online.

The Department of Comupter Science will continue to maintain online teaching until the end of the lecture period.

Courses that can be realised digitally only in insufficient quality will be realised as block offers after the contact blocks have been lifted, according to current planning.

For each course, you will find an entry in the KIS Course Catalogue. Each entry will contain the link to the corresponding OLAT course or to the website with materials, information on the practice groups, and contact information of the lecturers:

KIS Course Directory

Until further notice the courses of the Department of Mathematics will be organized via OLAT. Links to the courses and further information regarding the courses can be found in the URM: Please register there for your mathematics courses.

Asynchronous modes of communication that are not coupled to fixed times are preferred over synchronous formats. If synchronous sessions take place, the reserved times (according to the KIS timetable) are used wherever possible. The times already arranged in the KIS are therefore also relevant during the online-based learning phase. Please inform yourself in time in the KIS or in the online area of the respective course (e.g. in the OLAT course).


Information on the events of the other departments can be found on the respective pages of the departments:


Further information on the online semester 2020 can be found here:


Support with technical problems

To participate effectively in the online courses, you need infrastructure (computers for streaming or downloading videos, downloading materials, creating solutions for exercise sheets / programming tasks / seminar papers, etc.)

We therefore recommend that you purchase a computer (laptop or desktop) if you do not yet have your own device. If you are currently unable to participate in the online events due to missing hardware, please contact our Service Center Informatik ( so that we can help you.


Introductory weeks: EWoche (Bachelor & Master)

The EWoche (short for introduction week) is an offer of the Fachschaft Informatik (the student body of the Department) to help new students in their first semester to enter university life. All information about the EWoche for bachelor students in their first semester can be found here:

The Welcome Event for new Master students has also been moved online. There was a live stream on April 8th that has been made available offline usaing an OLAT course.

Further information on the procedure and contents of the Master's EWoche can be found here:


Student advisory service, contact persons & mentors

Until further notice, public access to the entire TUK campus is limited to a minimum. If you have any questions about your studies, please contact the responsible persons by e-mail as given in the next sections.

Questions about examinations

If you have any questions about examinations, please contact the examination office by email at:

General Student Advisory Service

Please contact Bernd Schuermann or Christian Bogner with your request by email:

If your questions cannot be clarified by email, we will be happy to arrange a date for a live meeting. We will then send you the access data by email. You do not need any special software for this - the use of a webcam is also optional. We use the software JITSI, which you can test in advance here: (we use the university's own infrastructure for our meeting).

Buddy Program

To help students start their studies, the Fachschaft Informatik (student body) offers a buddy program in which experienced fellow students support the freshman students during their first weeks. They are your personal advisors for answering questions concerning campus and off-campus, which would otherwise be omitted due to the current situation. You can find further information on the pages of EWoche (Bachelor) and Welcome Event (Master):

Bachelor of Computer Science: Approval of modules in the "Supplement" section

Please address your questions regarding the approval of modules in the 'Supplement' section first by email to Bernd Schuermann or Christian Bogner at If you have already been obtained an approved supplement plan, we must first request a PDF copy from the Examinations Office until public access is resumed. Otherwise, we can forward a new supplement plan with the modules to be approved electronically directly to the colleagues in the Examination Office after the consultation. Please submit supplement plans that are as complete as possible; rescheduling is possible at any time. Afterwards, you have to register for the corresponding examination using the separate form provided by the examinations office.

Master of Computer Science: Approval of modules in the "Supplement" section

Please contact your mentor by email if you have any questions regarding your master's degree program. The mentors can also give you advice on the approval of specific modules. If you have general questions regarding the study plan, you can also contact the general student advisory service.

If you are newly enrolled, you might not yet have been assigned a mentor, yet. In this case, please attend the 'Welcome Event', which starts on April 8th with a live stream at 10 am (see above).


Exams (Status: 9 June 2020)

Oral examinations can continue from 4 May 2020 under special hygienic and protective measures (exams must be scheduled at least 14 days in advance). If you have any questions regarding oral exams, please contact your lecturer directly and arrange a suitable alternative date.

Exams in the form of written examinations are generally permitted from 18 May 2020, but also only under special hygienic and protective measures.

The Executive Board has issued so-called Corona Guidelines in this regard:


Updated information on the handling of the cancelled exams in WS 19/20

The Department of Computer Science will repeat all exams cancelled during the examination period of the winter semester 19/20 in the regular exam phase at the end of this semester (July to October). And that means:

  • We will not repeat cancelled exams during the lecture period.
  • All failed exams in WS 19/20 will be scheduled at the beginning of the regular exam period of the summer semester 2020 (July/August) – if possible.
  • All exams that have previously only taken place in the winter semester will be offered in summer semester 2020, too (at least once in summer semester 2020).
  • These examinations will also be repeated in the summer semester 2020, for which the first exam took place in the winter semester 19/20, but the second examination date had been cancelled.
  • We will make maximum use of the time period in which all exams take place (from the beginning of July to the end of October).

With this regulation we want to reduce organizational conflicts and ensure that you can advance your studies.

Please contact the colleagues at the Examination Office ( if you have any questions regarding examinations (deadlines etc.) or the Student Advisory Service ( if you have general questions.

Please note that other departments handle their cancelled exams in a different way and may offer written examinations at an earlier date - even during the lecture period. Please check the KIS and the websites of other departments regarding all details about exam dates and get in contact with the respective lecturers if you have any questions.

The activation of the registration for earlier repeated exams is expected to be released in the QIS on 09.05.2020. Please note that a shorter registration period is planned for these (early) substitute exams (15.05.2020)! Please note: this applies to non-CS exams only (but exams of other departments)


Information on the current situation from the Examination Office can be found here:

Course of studies - Current information about Corona